LANEIGE Perfec Renew Trial Kit (5 items) | K-Beauty Blossom USA
LANEIGE Perfec Renew Trial Kit (5 items) | K-Beauty Blossom USA
LANEIGE Perfect Renew Trial Kit (5 items)

LANEIGE Perfect Renew Trial Kit (5 items)

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An epidermal structure shaped of small triangles that is only found in the surface of young and healthy skin, is characterized smaller and denser as the skin is younger. The key technology of Perfect Renew, Skin Rebirth TM boosts the youth energy of the skin, rebuild the weakened skin texture to restore a dense baby triangle structure.


LANEIGE Perfect Renew Trial Kit (5 items)

  1. Perfect Renew Skin Refiner 15ml - A refreshing gel-type toner permeates through the skin to give it ample moisture.
  2. Perfect Renew Emulsion 15ml - Emulsion gives your skin intense moisture and helps to retain it within the skin.
  3. Perfect Renew Regnerator 7ml - Highly concentrated treatment essence with firming and revitalizing effect. 
  4. Perfect Renew Eye Cream 3mlMoisturizes the eye area and helps repair skin damage; strengthens the eye contours skin barrier.
  5. Perfect Renew Cream10ml - Deeply moisturizes and fortifies the skin barrier; prevent and diminish the signs of aging on the skin.

 How to use:

  • After cleansing the face, get the right amount of skin refiner and apply on the entire face.
  • Next, is to apply the emulsion. After that, It's time to apply the night cream. Pat the skin lightly for better absorption.
  • Get an adequate amount of essence and apply on the forehead, cheek and chin. Massage the skin using upward strokes. At the last stage of the skincare regimen, apply the Renew Cream on the entire face. Use day and night to achieve great results.



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