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  • Hera Signia kit (6 item) | K-Beauty Blossom USA
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HERA Signia Kit (6 Items)

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The HERA Signia Kit contains 6 essential Korean skincare products, featuring the 'Narcissus' anti-aging complex to restore skin's youthful radiance. The travel size items make it easy to maintain healthy, glowing skin on-the-go. With a blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology, it helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Set includes:

Cell Essence 50ml
Signia Hand Cream 75ml

Signia Water Narcissus Beauty 20ml
Signia Emulsion Narcissus Beauty 20ml
Signia Core Lifting Serum 10ml
Signia Gold Pouch


Signia Water Narcissus Beauty
Narcissus Water™ with distributed Gold Drop, it completely and smoothly absorbs into the skin to make it look naturally healthy and bright without leaving any feeling of stickiness.

Signia Emulsion Narcissus Beauty
The anti-aging emulsion seamlessly blends into the skin as it fills in wrinkles, pores and texture for supple and smooth skin.

Signia Core Lifting Serum
The total anti-aging care Serum makes skin elastic and radiant with the powerful vitality of 3 million Narcissus Plant Cells.

Cell Essence 
The optimal blend of nourishing ingredients balance in skin microbiome and keep the skin barrier healthy.

Signia Hand Cream
Restores the natural health and beauty of your skin with its remarkable skin improving effect.


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