How To Get Glass Skin

How To Get Glass Skin

What is glass skin?

Glass skin is a term in Korean beauty to describe one’s utmost excellent skin: smooth, healthy, and flawless. This youthful, glowy skin is so flawless and clear that it’s referred to as “glass-like”.

What can you do to get glass skin?

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Cleanse
  3. Toner
  4. Serum
  5. Moisturizer
  6. Eye cream
  7. SPF

      *Best Skin Care Routine

These are the basic steps to an ideal skincare routine. Obviously, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine and it may not magically “glass-ify” your skin, however, finding the right routine for your own skin and taking great care of it leads to a transformation of your skin towards optimal skin health.


Now, glass skin isn’t just skincare. It also factors in your makeup routine and what products you’re using. First, if you use a primer, check to make sure the ingredients aren’t pore-clogging or harming your skin. For cushion foundation, try to lean towards more lightweight cushion foundations. Currently, in the Kbeauty realm, the viral spatula trend results in a thin and flawless application of your cushion foundation, proving beneficial towards glass skin. Alternatively, you can spot conceal desired areas or refrain from caking on too much product. 
Sometimes, taking days without makeup can benefit your skin, letting it breathe. Opt to let your skin breathe as often as possible as it promotes a healthier relationship with your skin and, in turn, moving you one step closer to achieving glass skin.

Furthermore, for both skincare and makeup, refrain from utilizing products with an abundance of harsh chemicals, alcohol, or fragrances that might damage, irritate, or dry out the skin. Instead, choose gentle cleansers, serums, and exfoliators with soothing ingredients like green tea, ginseng, or aloe vera.

Glass skin and lifestyle

Not only does skincare and makeup play a factor in the obtaining of glass skin, but your lifestyle also plays a large part. 

You probably know the phrase, you are what you eat. And it’s true! Eating healthy fats such as fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, and eggs have nutrients that boost healthy skin cells. This results in keeping your skin plump and youthful as an effect of a better diet. Some other beneficial foods to consider incorporating more into your daily meals are various fruits and vegetables (Vitamin C, antioxidants, etc.), whole grains, quinoa, and legumes. Refrain from smoking or ingesting large amounts of alcohol. Additionally, stray away from unhealthy fats, sugars, and processed foods like fast food and frozen foods.

Sleep and Rest 
Yes, you should get your beauty sleep! Sleep promotes blood circulation and collagen production. This allows for your skin to naturally repair and replenish itself, staying healthy and youthful. In addition to having a good sleep schedule, managing stress and anxiety as well as resting the mind is beneficial for the body and your skin. As stressors in the mind cause cortisol and hormone levels to increase, so does oil production, inflammation, and overall imbalances in the skin barrier. Embracing self-care in the form of a skincare routine as a way to destress is a win-win for you and your skin. 

Exercise and Sun Exposure
We know, staying inside and scrolling on social media is addicting, but it’s important to get your blood pumping for your skin and health. Exercise helps circulate your blood, carrying nutrients and oxygen while circulating out waste and bacteria, so make sure to stray away from that sedentary lifestyle. Basking in nature’s rays helps your skin get the Vitamin D it needs. However, take precautions against sun exposure as UV rays can increase risks for skin cancer, cause wrinkles and fine lines, or changes in skin texture. To combat this, make sure to incorporate SPF in the form of sunscreen, BB creams, or SPF cushion compacts.

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